Gillian Cable.

Over twenty five years ago my cousin presented me with a paternal family history tree reaching back to the end of the 18th century.

It took me back through time in primarily London, to my ancestral fishermen relatives from Charmouth in Dorset. As I had always had a keen interest in social history, it sparked my enthusiasm for historical research and set me on what was and will be a lifetime of discovery. Once, I saw these initial few individuals as just names, dates and occupations, but those individuals came to life as one, a fisherman, was caught and tried for smuggling, another’s wife inherited two cottages, the arguments regarding supporting an illegitimate child and the changes in Victorian England as the occupations changed from fishermen to taking out pleasure boats for the Victorian holiday maker. I took the same line of ancestry back through to nearby Hawkchurch, saw the same family’s wills and signing their names to the Protestantion Oath Return in 1642 and a young lad being transported at age sixteen for fighting during the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685 – this was just the start…

My Ancestry Is Predominantly English.

But also carries some Dutch (from the 18th century), Irish and Welsh. I have researched the different genealogical lines of all my 2x great grandparents and it has shown how interesting and varied our history is, and how often it was that the female ancestors brought the interesting stories.


I have now lost count of how many hundreds of individuals I have researched. I have carried out good accurate research for many clients.  To build on my variety of knowledge, I decided to become qualified and recognised through the different professional bodies. As well as offering research through my website, I offer further services in terms of workshops and private help at your home, to those within my local area of Peterborough, North Cambridgeshire (formally  Huntingdonshire before 1974) and beyond if feasible. Please see my services page.

I have lived all my life (except as a baby) in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, an area on the edge of the Fens. However, please do not consider that my research is just confined to this region alone, as most of the work undertaken is connected to other counties around the United Kingdom.