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As someone with twenty five years’ experience, I know what a pleasure it is to uncover the story and lives of our ancestors. It gives us a sense of belonging and connection with our past. Names of individuals briefly mentioned, become real people as we follow their circumstances through their lives.

I am a professional genealogical/family historian and can provide support to you on many levels. The service is completely bespoke, tailored to your particular requirements. You may be enjoying the thrill of starting your own research but need the extra help from time to time to unlock those “brick walls”, you may have limited time, or perhaps, seeking a particularly illusive ancestor. You may like to see your family tree mapped out, see how far you can take your ancestry back in time, or focus in detail on one generation.

There is a wealth of historically
written material available.

This enables us to understand our ancestor’s lives and what part they played. The records may include parish, trade, apprenticeship, land, maps, ecclesiastical, manor, census, newspaper, army and navy records, to name but a few of the documents that can be investigated.

England & Wales

I am based in Peterborough and specialise in Cambridgeshire (including Huntingdonshire) records. However, my access to documentation is very widespread geographically.

I therefore undertake research throughout England and Wales. My research has involved me in hours of handling old archives, contacting organisations, and evaluating evidence. Although much information is available on-line, so much documentation is not.

I also hold the Higher Certificate in Genealogy, awarded by the Institute of Heraldry and Genealogical Studies. I am an associate of the Association of Genealogical Researchers in Archives (AGRA) and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, both of which have strict codes of conduct. I am also a member of the Society of Genealogists.

I am not going to make any false promises. What I can do, I will do the best of my ability.  So please feel free to get in touch and don’t forget that I offer a:

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