My Services

There are 3 types of service that I can offer:-

1. Bespoke research service tailored to your requirements.
2. Presentations within Peterborough
3. Support your own research with tuition, unlocking brick walls, suggesting avenues to pursue etc. (charged by hourly rate)


If you wish to register your interest, please let me know and I will contact you with details.

I can provide interesting and professional PowerPoint presentations within the Peterborough area.


Understanding Your Past
Census records
Census substitutes
Introduction to Heraldry
A Doctor’s Life!

I plan to add other titles in the future.

Supporting your own research

I can help you sort your research material and achieve your own research goals. Family research is a lovely, enjoyable hobby and sometimes it is nice to have support organising and discussing your research issues. I charge £25 per hour for this particular service.

The only restrictions are:-

  1. That I can physically meet you at a mutually convenient place and time, and,
  2. I will not place myself under any personal security risk.
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