There are 3 types of service that I can offer:-

1. Bespoke research service tailored to your requirements.
2. Workshops within Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire
3. Research help in your home, within Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire


I will be holding workshops/talks within my local area. These will be subject orientated and related to English and Welsh law, for example:-


17th /18th /19th century research
Census records
Parish registers
Researching your family history (for beginners)
Civil Registration records

 If you wish to register your interest in any of the above, I will contact you in due course with details.

Research Help.

In Your Home.

I offer a service whereby I come to your home for a couple of hours to help you sort out your research material and help you achieve your own research. Family research is a lovely, enjoyable hobby and sometimes it is nice to comfortably discuss your research issues and plan in your own home. This service is for up to four people being present (not including myself, of course).

1-2 people = £35 total for the two hours

3-4 people = £50 total for the two hours.

I have world access on my computer on several internet sites, so I can look-up information on your behalf and well as sharing my knowledge and understanding of the research pitfalls one can encounter. The only restrictions are:-

  1. That I can physically get to you at a time and place mutually convenient, and,
  2. I will not place myself with any personal security risk.
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