What are your aims?

The more information you already have, the better.

An initial evaluation will need to be made to understand your requirements, and can take up to an hour. I do not charge at all for this, as it is a necessary part of the process. The more detailed information you can provide me with, the more efficient my service can be for you. Middle names, locations and dates are important, but so are family rumours. Try to think about your aims and what you would like to achieve. My aim is to build on your knowledge and clarify facts.

If you wish to send me a quick e-mail if you are unsure of whether to use the service, please do so, as there is no obligation at this stage. I have access to so many records that it is potentially less expensive for you to use my research skills than to carry it out yourself.

After reading the menus above, please contact me to get in touch.

Please bear with me initially as each piece of research is unique and takes different time and effort to accomplish and I need to assess your requirements properly.


I look forward to hearing from you.