Privacy & Data Protection.

All information is considered confidential, and is not discussed either in a written format, or orally with other individuals or businesses without your permission to further the research on your behalf. The records are private and will be treated as such. This means that they are kept in a locked cabinet. If another member of your family contacts me to discuss the research, I will have to gently say that my agreement is with yourself, and that without your written permission I would not be able to comment.

Records are not kept longer than necessary. You may request me to keep the details on record for a reasonable length of time for further research at a later date, and again I stress the respect I have for confidentiality. This applies to records kept manually, or via computer equipment. Manual documents no longer required will be cross-shredded, and computer files deleted completely.

My laptop is used only by myself and is password protected.

Once the project has been completed and full payment received, I will forward the project documentation to you, plus any that you have given me, or destroy it if you wish.

I will have to take into consideration the privacy of any living individuals, in order that the information released to you complies with the Data Protection Act.

Please read the terms & conditions before proceeding.

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